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Instructions on Sending Pictures of Your Brick Staining Job

If you wish to send us your digital pictures of your Commercial or larger Residential masonry staining, pressure cleaning, or graffiti removal job, please follow these instructions. Failure to do so may mean that your pictures do not make it to our office and therefor delay the estimate process.

  1. Make your digital photos smaller in file size. We do not need (or want) large files to review for the estimate process. A good size would be approx. 5"-7" wide or tall (approx. 450 pixels) at 72ppi resolution. Try to get the size below 100k each for each image. If your photos are large from a scan or your digital camera, use PhotoShop or photo editing software to reduce the image size. Save them as mid-compressed JPGs.
  2. Rename your photo files. Your digital camera will give some file names such as "MVC-005S.JPG", or "175-7599_IMG.JPG". These file names make no sense to us with the many jobs we are servicing. Rename your files something like:
    • yourjobname01.jpg
    • yourjobname02.jpg
    • yourjobname03.jpg
    • yourjobname04.jpg
    • yourjobname05.jpg
    • etc....
  3. Send the e-mail attachments helpful to us. Put the job name in your subject line. Do not send multiple attachments totaling more than 1MB. If you have many pictures, send them in several separate e-mails, each with properly named subject. For example:
    • Subject: ABC Brick Staining Pics 1 of 5
    • Subject: ABC Brick Staining Pics 2 of 5
    • Subject: ABC Brick Staining Pics 3 of 5
    • Subject: ABC Brick Staining Pics 4&5 of 5
  4. Provide your contact information. Let us know all your phone numbers, e-mail, postal addresses, the location of the job, the best time/way to contact you and any other helpful information.
  5. Send photos to:

This will help our busy staff review your job for estimate.

Thank you - Color Match Masonry